Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First day in Amsterdam!

We're here! After a decent flight (with some good food!) we made it to Amsterdam 25 minutes early, arriving around 7am local time, Tuesday morning. Brad was quite admiring of the lovely Dutch flight attendants on KLM, and we were both shocked to find out that none of the approximately 30 kids aboard wailed all night. :) Thankfully, we weren't near them anyway, but it was still pretty impressive.

Also impressive and enjoyable (take notes Air Canada!) was the on board entertainment on KLM. I (Leslie) watched two movies that Brad staunchly refused ot ever watch with me, and he had a good time watching a violent movie, the likes of which I refuse to watch. An excellent start to our marriage. :)

We took a short train from the airport to take us to central Amsterdam, in the "old city", where our hotel is located. We lucked out with our online booking - we're paying about 1/3 of the rack rate, and the location of the hotel is central, right on the Amstel river.

Also quaint is the slight slope to the entire building, and thus our room. The hotel dates from the 17th century and has some REALLY fun stairs of which I would not recommend the navigation after a visit to either an Amsterdam bar or coffee shop. Not that we've actually done either. ;)

We were able to drop our bags off early in the morning and then went out to explore the city. We even took an hour-long canal tour... everything is fantastic so far. It's a beautiful and truly unique city. Around 1pm we made our way back to the hotel and checked in. The room is nice, and after a quick power-nap (it still feels like Monday to us, not having slept on the flight!) it's about 5:40pm here, and we're headed out to dinner.

Big hello to all of you - take care, and since we have complimentary internet here in Amsterdam, we'll be able to update you over the next couple of days. The plan tomorrow is to take the Grand Holland tour to Rotterdam, the flower auction, the Hague, Madurodam and Schevinengen.

Also - let us know you're reading by posting a comment!

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