Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day 10 - Siena

Bon giorno again from Italy!

It's Thursday morning here in Siena... we thought we were going to check in on the blog last night, but it seems a lot of places here close early and open late (including internet cafes). :)

Our train trip yesterday from Rome to Siena was very pleasant; we had great weather and got a good look at the Italian countryside, including lots of farms and vinyards. Our hotel here was nice (we just left it), and although they didn't speak a word of english we were able to get along without any problems. Leslie even managed a few full sentences in Italian, when asking if it would be ok to leave our bags there for a few hours until our train to Florence at 3:45. She's quite the catch.

Our hotel is situated at the base of a huge hill, atop of which sits the old part of the city. Thankfully they have a system of five long escalators to bring footsore tourists up to the top, as it would be quite a climb otherwise. After wandering for a while (and snapping a few more photos) we got hungry and stumbled upon a great place for lunch called Medio Evo ( I had probably the best pasta dish I've ever had, and made Leslie jot the name of it down ("Reginette al Norcino") in the hopes that she may be able to find a recipe and reproduce it. I gave her a couple of bites and she enjoyed it so much that we agreed we had to come back for dinner that night, which we did. :)

All in all, Siena is a very scenic town and a pleasure to stroll through - a nice change of pace after the busy streets of Rome. It's only *occasionally* that we almost get run over here, instead of every 30 seconds or so. :)

On a sad note, Leslie broke her purse (although I suspect sabotage) so she will be forced to find a nice leather one when we arrive in Florence.

That's all the news for now... we're going to eat some pizza and wander around for a couple more hours before heading to the train station for our 2-hour trip to Florence this afternoon.

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