Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day 11 - Florence

Hello everyone!

We spent the morning in Siena today - we had a fantastic time wandering around the city. It is a medieval city, and as such, the streets are organized in a circular manner around a central square. Very easy to get turned around!!!!!

We climbed up to the top of the Campanile (400 steps) and Brad took some great pictures of the big cathedral there.

After lunch, we hopped on a train to Florence. So far, we haven't seen too much of the city, but we are looking forward to doing some more exploring tomorrow.

We wandered around a bit and found a very friendly English-speaking wine seller. They happily guided us into buying a bottle of Chianti for the evening, and then were able to point us in the direction of a cute little trattoria (family-run restaurant) for dinner.

We had a yummy dinner at the trattoria, and there were many (female) students who were also enjoying a dinner there....I think Brad quite enjoyed his meal.

Thanks for reading! Dad - very happy to hear the bunnies are being well looked after, and Mom, I will email you pronto with the times of the flights. :) Ciao!


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