Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day 13 - Back in Nice

Hello again!

We had a fabulous day yesterday in Florence. 1600 stairsteps later (800 up and 800 down!), we saw some truly amazing Italian Renaissance treasures. Brad and I climbed Giotto's Campanile in the Piazza San Lorenzo in Florence - had a great view from the top, andi then realized that the Duomo (The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral) was actually higher.

So of course we had to climb it. The Duomo was completed in the mid 1400s, and is an amazing feat of Renaissance engineering. Brunelesschi (the architect/designer) managed to design a system of two domes, one inside the other. When you climb up to the top, you actually climb almost 100 metres BETWEEN the two stone domes. Kinda scary, but really really cool. Brad has some great pictures - it was pretty open at the top, and I was too scared to look over the edge.

In the afternoon, we did a little shopping (I found my awesome Italian purse!) and visited both the Baptistery and Santa Maria Novella. There were more sights that we would have liked to have seen, but we ran out of both time and energy to continue exploring.

Dinner last night (the last in Italy!) was phenomenal. We happened upon the cutest little restaurant called La Martinicca da "Pino" ( Web Site!) and ate disgusting amounts of amazing food. Then we slowly waddled back to the hotel to prepare for an early start today.

You're reading what will likely be our last blog entry for the honeymoon. We took a couple of trains today that eventually got us from Florence, Italy back to Nice, France. We had a brief stop in Genova (Genoa) Italy, but now we are back in Nice, at the Hotel Rex.

And that is it for this wee blog entry - we are off in search of wonderful French food (our last dinner in Europe, sniff sniff....) and then up for an early start tomorrow as well.

Take care! See you all soon! :)

- Leslie

PS from Brad - BOLDstreet guys, I don't know if you've been reading, but Chris, the closest we came to Monaco was today, and it was through the window of our train. Sorry I let you down.

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