Thursday, March 2, 2006

Day 3 - Out and about in Amsterdam

Hey everyone!

Despite having dragged all the snow across the Atlantic with us, we are having a fantastic time. :D We slept in a bit today and went to the red light district for a massive brekkie of pancakes.

This morning, we visited Anne Frank House. It was really interesting and also touching to read and see all about her experiences there.

Of course, after that, we had to deke back to the hotel because *someone* forgot they were married and left their white gold wedding ring on the bathroom sink. ;) No worries though - it was still there and is now residing in its proper place.

Later, we strolled down to the Van Gogh museum - this was also cool, though our two favourite paintings (Starry Night and Cafe Terrasse) were nowhere to be seen. The gift shop was super tempting too....

After this, we went for Brad's favourite part of the trip thus far....the Heineken experience. The old Heineken factory downtown Amsterdam was closed down in the 80s, and has since been turned into a shrine/mecca for all Heineken lovers. ;) For 10 euros, you got a tour, two rides, lots of eye candy, three beers and a heineken glass. We both agree it's the least ripped off we've felt in three days. ;) We quite enjoyed the Heineken experience, and hopefully those of you whom we were able to send a video greeting can get a wee taste. We're not sure if the sound was working, but we basically said "Hi guys. We're here on the Heineken experience, having a beer for you. Miss you and see you in a couple weeks."

On our walk back, we were nearly run over by a speeding police car...apparently, when they need to go through a light here, they neither slow down nor turn on their sirens. They just wave and race on through. time we come to Amsterdam (someday when we are filthy rich), we are TOTALLY staying at the Amstel Hotel. We deked in because the beer worked its way through my system rather quickly. The hotel is phenomenal - the bathroom stall had more elaborate crown moulding than our living room, and both the walls and floor were entirely of pink marble. Not to mention the nicely folded handtowels (no paper here) and gold plated faucets. Swish. :D

If you don't hear from us tomorrow, it's because we are jaunting off to Nice and we're not sure when we'll next find an internet cafe.

And now we are off for dinner - thanks for reading! And mom...I am NOT leaking the nature of the prezzie. ;)

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