Sunday, March 5, 2006

Day 6 - Hello from Roma!

Hello everyone - we are in Rome!

The overnight train from Nice was a bit of an adventure....I decided to upgrade us to first class at the last minute. We ended up having a TINY little cabin with bunk beds, a sink, and this scary, smelly bedpan thing. We avoided that. :) It was nice to have a quiet-ish place to sleep where we were not surrounded by strangers and fearing for our luggage. Everything left on time and we arrived in Rome this morning at approximately 6:35AM.

From the Tiburtina train station, we took the metro to Termini station (where our hotel was located). It was easy to find our hotel, but when we arrived, they told us that their hotel was under renovations, but that they had another hotel "100 m" away and they would have us stay there.

Brad and I are pretty sure that Italian standards of measurement may somewhat differ from our own....after nearly 10 minutes of walking, we arrived at the other hotel - the Hotel de Galles. It is a very nice hotel, but as we arrived so early in the morning, no rooms were yet made up. We left our bags there and proceeded to wander about the city for the morning.

We did not wander terribly quickly, however; all the walking in Nice left our feet a bit tender, so we slowly made our way up to Reppublica, and Villa Borghesa. At that point, my feet were throbbing a bit, so we eventually found a Cafe (the Cafe de Paris) to sit down and refresh a little. 22€ later (for two coffees and two small sandwiches!), we set out again. We walked to the Villa Medici and descended the Spanish steps into an older part of the city. We found a fabulous shopping street, complete with Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana stores. Fun. :) I did not buy anything though.

At noon, we headed back to our hotel and dozed in the lobby until our room was ready at 1PM. We are thinking that since we said it was our honeymoon we received an upgrade - the room is quite large and is complete with a jacuzzi tub! :) Brad says I am the queen of online booking, as the regular price for the room is 268€ and we are paying a mere 69€.

For dinner, we did not venture terribly far from the hotel (aching feet and all that), but we found a nice little pizzeria where we enjoyed bruschetta, pizza, fruit salad, wine and beer. At the end oif the meal, our server patted Brad's shoulder a couple times and said something that sounded like "amoré" - and pointed back and forth between us and gave Brad the "thumbs up". :)

This place where we're writing from isn't far from the hotel, so we'll probably check in again tomorrow night... we're thinking of taking the Metro over to the many attractions near the Coliseum.



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