Monday, March 6, 2006

La vita e bella

Hello from Rome again!

Brad and I have just finished thoroughly enjoying our first full day in Rome. Initially, we thought we would head to the Coloseum today, but we had second thoughts once we felt the chilly breeze (hehe....I doubt youll feel sorry for us was 8C today...). Instead, we altered our plans and headed for the Vatican.

We arrived at about 920AM, and saw a line. We followed the line around the corner. And then around the next corner. And the next corner. We did queue up, but figured we would probably be there for the day. As we were discussing whether to stay or go, the nice (English-speaking) tourist in front of us let us know that the line moved pretty quickly. And it did - after only 35 minutes, we had advanced about 500m (and two corners!) of line, and were in the Vatican.

The splendour was both so impressive and extensive that it was hard to take it all in....every surface was either tiled, painted or sculpted and it was truly breathtaking in every respect.

The restored Sistine chapel was incredible....I wanted to just lie on the floor and take it all in, but since I figured this would only garner me a trampling, I satisfied myself with leaning on Brad and just looking up. Signs at the entrance to the chapel clearly stated that there were to be no photographs nor any video. You will all be able to check out Brads pictures when we get back (sorry for the poor grammar there....I just cant find the hyphen!). There was pretty much a camera flash every second, so Brad surreptitiously took some NON'FLASH pictures before the guards came around to yell at everyone. ;)

We meandered across the Tiber to the old part of Rome to enjoy a lunch of pizza, pasta and beer (we will be rolling out of this country, I swear!). The afternoon was spent wandering through the oldest part of Rome. There isnt a block of this city that is without its own special charm or marvel.

I do have to wonder though....after the phenomenal amounts of marble we saw today, could there possibly be any marble left in Italy??????? Every surface of every church is covered invarious shades of will all have to see Brads 400 pictures (at this point....we may need another memory card for the shutterbug), but I dont see how a picture could possibly capture the magnificence of this city.

We also saw the Pantheon, Santa Maria Minerva and the Trevi Fountain. And after doing all of this wandering, we promptly headed back to the hotel for mutual foot rubs!

Dinner was very enjoyable - Italiano style, with pasta as an appetizer, and then a main course (and of course I had dessert, and Brad repeated his newfound enamourment with capuccino).

Tomorrow, we plan to see the Colosseum, and we really are having a tremendous time. We could not have asked for a more amazing honeymoon, and everything is going great. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting - good to know that the bunnies are holding up (though Im sure they REALLY miss me....hehe), and Mom, glad to know you go home safe, if not quickly.

Take care!!!!!!!

Our photographer, Frank, has also updated his site....I loved this picture, so thought I would share!!!! For more, check out!

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