Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things I Want to Eat

Greetings from Corsica!

This morning we were up bright and early to leave our amazing hotel in Saint-Laurent du Verdon, where we've had some of the best food on our trip thus far. Fantastic place.

So we jumped in our rental car and enjoyed another hour or so of hairpin turns through the hills and valleys of Provence, passing by vineyard after vineyard on our way. Eventually we joined the main highway and took it straight into the Nice airport to return our car. Thankfully, despite all of the protests, blockades, and fuel shortages going on in France right now, we were on our way without incident.

After a quick lunch we flew out of the Nice airport to Bastia, which was about a 40-minute flight on a small plane. A shuttle bus (we were the only passengers!) took us right to the train station, which was just a short walk from our hotel.

We headed out from the hotel in the late afternoon and explored the old port, which was beautiful. We spent quite a while wandering out along the piers, checking out little side streets, and hiking up to the top of town for the best view.

P.S. for the record, that's not some weird mark on Leslie's forehead; it's just dust on our lens.

After a long hike we grabbed a seat on a patio and enjoyed a well-deserved Kronenbourg 1664 as the sun went down.

When the temperature got a little chilly we headed out in search of a restaurant, and didn't have to look far. We settled on a little place near the port; Leslie had a pizza (a local specialty, no doubt an influence of nearby Italy) and I had wild boar. Cross another animal off the list of "Things I Want to Eat." :)

After that we headed back to our hotel, where we continued with our habit of sipping local French wines from little plastic hotel cups. :)

Tomorrow promises to be another interesting day; we're taking a little train which travels very slowly through the mountains to Corte (which is nearly smack in the middle of Corsica) and spending the afternoon there. Sadly the forecast is calling for a bit of rain, but to be fair, we've had near-perfect weather up until now, so I guess we're due for a bit of rain. We'll just break out the jackets and umbrella if necessary and make the best of it.

That's all for now!


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