Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're Here!

Well, we've made it. After killing a couple of hours in the Montreal airport bar we had an uneventful KLM flight from Montreal to Amsterdam (on the "Moeder Theresa").

We had a slight delay with our connecting flight to Nice. As it happens, there's a nation-wide strike in France today (great timing), which includes all buses, electric rail, and even some airspace flying restrictions. Fortunately the folks at KLM were quick to adapt, and we ended up taking a slightly longer route through Germany and Italy before circling around and approaching the Nice airport from the south. It was actually a really scenic trip as we got an amazing view of the Alps stretching up through the thick clouds.

(I'll admit, it pains me to upload any photos straight from the camera without cleaning them up in Photoshop first... so in this blog you're just going to see photos from our point-and-shoot and our iPhones).

Even with the strike we had no trouble getting a cab to our hotel, which is pretty much what we expected - small, simple, and clean. Despite the sounds from the protest outside we were able to squeeze in a few hours of sleep in the afternoon. We're just about to head out and stretch our legs and find a place for dinner.

Tomorrow we rent a car and head towards Gordes, France! Not sure what the free-wifi situation is out there, so this might be the last update for a couple days. Hope everyone is doing well back home!


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