Monday, May 23, 2016

A little r&r in Ribeira Brava

After the amazing hike through the mountains, Brad and I were very much ready for a day or two of utter relaxation.  Being the super prostar trip planner that I am, I had anticipated we might want a day or two in a resort-like setting to wind down.

While Madeira has no shortage of five star hotels, I wasn't really looking for either the price tag or the atmosphere of a giant resort.  I came across a fantastic B&B called Dazkarizeh 73 and it looked like it would fit the bill perfectly. Located high up in the cliffs above Ribeira Brava, the resort has an infinity pool and hot tub that both overlook the ocean, and offers a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of Funchal.

The B&B serves a nice hearty breakfast and also specializes in Indonesian food for dinner.  Definitely a great spot to stay if you're looking for some quiet time a bit off the beaten path.

The first night, we ventured down into the town of Ribeira Brava for dinner - I took a few photos, but I don't know that I can really convey just how surrounded by cliffs this town is.  We enjoyed a sunset dinner on the waterfront, and some post-dinner drinks at a local bar, before taking a taxi back up to the B&B (it's only 3km, but it was all on switchbacks and we thought it might be a risky endeavour for our post cocktail selves (you should ask Brad to tell you all about his kiwi poncha....I opted for another caipirinha, because I love how limey it is).

We have had some pretty epic weather on this trip.

We spent a lazy day reading by the pool and hot tub, and then enjoyed a hearty indonesian dinner in the evening.

So delicious!  It was a perfectly relaxing way to wind down a vacation that really has been an epic adventure for us.

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