Sunday, May 15, 2016

Quiet Evening at Cella Bar

Today we intentionally had a very low-key day, mainly because a) it rained most of the morning and b) we wanted to be well-rested for our attempt to climb Mt Pico tomorrow morning (before flying out at 6:30pm!).

In Leslie's words, "today I slept in, lied around for a while, and then walked to a bar."  Pretty decent vacation day :)

The "bar" in question was Cella Bar - a restaurant that Leslie had mentally bookmarked about a month ago when planning the trip.  We arrived a little early and killed some time sipping a drink on their rooftop patio overlooking the Atlantic.

After having our fill of the scenic view and fresh air we went inside and sat down to a fantastic meal.

And to cap things off, on the walk back to our hotel we were treated to an epic sunset over the nearby island of Faial.

Tomorrow the weather looks clear, so we hop out of bed at 6am and try to climb Mt. Pico.  Wish us luck!


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